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Tonga Aquaculture Commodity Development Plan 2010 - 2014 Workshop

Tonga Aquaculture Commodity Development Plan 2010-2014 was the first workshop held at the Ministry of Fisheries Office on the 8th-9th of May. The purpose of this workshop is to review Tonga Aquaculture Commodity Development Plan 2010-2014...

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The training focuses mainly on the areas such as observer tuna data collection forms and data quality. (7th - 16th June 2017)

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The Aquaculture staff worked with the pearl farmers to seed their oysters to grow their very first mabe’ pearls. The workshops were attended by over 20 pearl farmers and community members...

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A Month of Strong Progress for the Tongan Mabe Pearl Industry


Cultured pearls are the Pacific region’s most valuable and promising aquaculture commodity. They are an ideal trade and export commodity for island communities as pearls are high in value whilst being light-weight and non-perishable. Pearl culture is compatible with traditional lifestyles and provides opportunities for income generation at a number of levels. The industry is environmentally benign and helps to preserve marine environments by imparting a value and utilisation to these areas.

26 August 2016

The “Friendly Islands” of Tonga are situated in Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean, and stretch over approximately 800 kilometres from north to south. The archipelago consists of around 176 islands, 36 of which are inhabited. Its closest neighbours are Fiji to the northwest, Samoa to the northeast and Vanuatu to the west.