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New SMA for the Ha'apai Island Groups in 2018

Development of the Coastal Community Management Plan (CCMP)


Two teams traveled to Ha’apai from the Ministry of Fisheries to develop the SMA (Special Management Area) Management Plan of Kauvai( Muitoa, Ha’ano, Pukotala & Fakakai ) also ‘Uiha and Faleloa.


The purpose of this trip was to develop the Coastal Community Management Plan. The two teams held a series of workshops to facilitate the assessment of the current community situation and introduce different management options- identify fishing area, community perception of the status of their resources from the past, priority problems, potential solutions and an action plan to address these problems. It also identified the proposed boundary of the SMA. This will be facilitated by the Fisheries Science Division, community and CCMC (Community Management Committee).


These workshops were conducted by Dr. Siola’a Malimali, Dr. Vailala Matoto, Sosefina Vili, Latu ‘Aisea, Hulita Fa’anunu , Jason Shehan , Kaione Laumoli and Kilisitina Akimeta.